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The Last Great Chrysler 300 Letter Car

The last great Chrysler 300 letter car…The 1961 300G “The Banker’s Hotrod”   The final Chrysler 300 letter car designed by one of Chrysler’s greatest designers, Virgil Exner, was the the 1961 300G.   Given the nickname….”The Banker’s Hotrod” these cars were very expensive back in 1961 and you practically had to own a bank…

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Do you Remember When…..

Garage Memories is in the business of reviving those “good old days”We are devoted in helping you return to the great memories & times of your youth.  Most of us remember when our lives were all a lot less stressful. Do You Remember When…..?  You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, mat swept and gas pumped…

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