Classic Car History

The 1957 Desoto Adventurer ….Chrysler’s all new “Forward Look”

The genius Chrysler head designer, Virgil Exner, treated the automotive loving public to and amazing car when Desoto introduced the all new “forward looking” DeSoto Adventurer.   The Adventurer received Chrysler’s forward look design along with other divisional cars. A convertible also joined the two-door hardtop, and again color choices were limited to the black-white…

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The Last Great Chrysler 300 Letter Car

The last great Chrysler 300 letter car…The 1961 300G “The Banker’s Hotrod”   The final Chrysler 300 letter car designed by one of Chrysler’s greatest designers, Virgil Exner, was the the 1961 300G.   Given the nickname….”The Banker’s Hotrod” these cars were very expensive back in 1961 and you practically had to own a bank…

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1886 Benz, “World’s First Automobile!”

The Benz Patent Motorcar was more than another invention in the pantheon of man’s technology. It was the one single invention that opened the world, that brought everyone and everything just a little bit closer. Karl Benz received his patent on January. 29, 1886 although he had actually built the 1st car in 1885. Due…

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