1958 Buick Limited Convertible…. Harley Earl’s “Chrome King”

The 1958 model year is remembered by many enthusiasts as the zenith of automotive excess.
It produced the largest cars with the most lavish trim. Buick proclaimed that the new lineup “looks and feels like flight on wheels.” It was dubbed as the “Air Born B-5.
The 1958 Buicks were considered to be immediately stunning to the eye with a big, bold presence. The cars were stated to have been “born out of more aviation principles, starting with the extensive new use of aluminum throughout, than any car before.”

Along with the look of flight being part of their design philosophy; Buick wanted the car to be associated with the principles of flight for their mechanical performance, accomplished by the 364-cid, 300-hp “nailhead” V-8. The Limited featured the Flight Pitch Dynaflow transmission, which featured three turbines and a variable-pitch stator. 
With a base MSRP of  $5,125, it was the most expensive Buick built in 58. Only 839 Limited
convertibles were ever built and is the epitome of chrome and excess that was offered in 1958.
When fully loaded, the list price  could approach $7,000…a staggering amount of money for an
American car in 1958.

Few American cars of the era were more chrome-covered than the 1958 Buick Limited. True to the Limited heritage, the 1958 Limited was the top of the line, carrying the same dynamic “Fashion Air Dynastar” styling as other Flint products of the year, including a remarkable grille composed of 160 faceted chrome squares. This exceptional presentation of bright work detail is seen along the cars exterior flanks, as well around the rear fascia and throughout the luxurious interior.