The 1957 Desoto Adventurer ….Chrysler’s all new “Forward Look”

The genius Chrysler head designer, Virgil Exner, treated the automotive loving public to
and amazing car when Desoto introduced the all new “forward looking” DeSoto Adventurer.
The Adventurer received Chrysler’s forward look design along with other divisional cars. A convertible also joined the two-door hardtop, and again color choices were limited to the black-white and gold color theme.
The car debuted in December, 1956, and to rave reviews, foremost among them was Mechanic Illustrated Automobile Editor Tom McCahill  who proclaimed the DeSoto as being the best styled of all of Chrysler’s makes for 1957.
Like the 1956 car, the 1957 Adventurer was powered by Chrysler’s high output V-8.
The displacement was increased to 345 cid and was rated at 345 bhp (257 kW) Equipped with dual four barrel carburetors, the engine developed one horsepower per cubic inch displacement
Chevrolet had the 283/283hp cid Fuel Injected V-8 For 1957 but Desoto had a lot more “ponies”
in 1957. The Adventurer was an expensive car and production was limited
to just 1,950  Cars.
Today, the 57 and 58 Adventurer convertibles are highly sought after and highly desirable collector cars and when correctly restored command prices of $250,000-$300,000 and more. Some were ordered with
Chrysler’s hi-fi record player and are a treasured rarity.