Do you Remember When…..

Garage Memories is in the business of reviving those “good old days”
We are devoted in helping you return to the great memories & times of your youth.

Most of us remember when our lives were all a lot less stressful.

Do You Remember When…..?

You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, mat swept and gas pumped all for the price of a gallon of gas…..and a gallon of regular was 19.9 and even less when filling stations had “Gas Wars”

When it took 5 minutes to warm up the TV? And 30-40 seconds for your car radio?

When no one ever asked where the car keys were… because they were in the ignition and the doors weren’t locked?

When your Mom wore Nylons that came in two-pieces?

When a quarter was a decent allowance? And making a buck an hour was pretty good?

When nearly everyone’s Mom was home when they got home from school?

When ALL the girls had ugly Gym Uniforms?

Can you recall: Candy Cigarettes, Wax Coke Bottles with Colored Sugar Water inside, Root beer hard candy, Black Jack, Clove and Teaberry Gum, Cartoons and Newsreels before each movie, and for .50 on Saturday you could go to the movies all day and watch 10 cartoons,
2 Westerns and a Superman adventure.
 Telephone Number’s with a Word Prefix (OLiver 2-0850), 45 rpm records, Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorders, RCA car recorder players, Reverberators, 4/track and 8 track car stereos.
 And oh yes, the Drive-In Movies, (AKA the passion pits) and If you were short of money, you could always borrow your parents big sedan and sneak 4 of your pals in. (inside the trunk)
Remember when you could go to the Royal Castle or White Castle
and for a buck eat yourself into oblivion? Those great .15 Hamburgers with onions
and a large Birch Beer in a frosty mug for a dime.
Catching Fireflies in a Mason Jar, and The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex- “Cooties”?

Garage Memories will make sure your acquisition of your favorite car from those “Good Old Days” is
 a fun experience and the absolute best purchase you ever made.
We have been providing fabulous 1000’s of “Garage Memories” since 1999 and
we can’t wait to put a special memory in your garage.
We specialize in investment correct classic cars that you don’t have to put in a bank….but can drive to and from the bank.
The owner’s of a Garage Memory investment classic car are easy to spot ….they are the ones with big smiles on their faces, responding to the “Thumbs Up’s”, Waves and light honks
from the millions of others stuck in their look alike, cookie cutter cars of today.
What a concept…..buying a car that goes UP in value…instead of depreciating and losing it’s
value year in and year out.
NOTHING has produced a greater return on investment over the past 50 years
and at the same time created more incredible memories and fun times than classic cars.
So hop aboard our classic car time machine so we can put smiles on your faces and
an appreciating classic car in your garage tomorrow!