1966 Cadillac Deville

  • 1966 Cadillac DeVille Convertible- 31,850 ACTUAL MILES- COLD A/C

Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1966
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: Deville
  • VIN #: F6164125
  • Mileage: 31850
  • Exterior Color: Red
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Body Type: Convertible
  • Drive Type: 2WD
  • Engine:
  • Cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

Vehicle Description

If you’re looking for a 1966 Cadillac Convertible, I urge you to look at this one last. The quality of this DeVille is incomparable. It dwarfs others you’ll see on eBay or ANY top live auction and elsewhere in terms of quality, originality and mechanical condition. Simply stated, if you’re looking for  “the absolute best of the best,” you have just found it! It helps to be slightly obsessive / Compulsive when it comes to vintage cars….we definitely are and hope you are too!.

 PLEASE NOTE: The 125 photos are ultra high definition and  are  too much content & information to be properly viewed on a cell phone You will need a laptop or desktop computer to see everything.

 Your personal inspection & driving test is most welcomed or that of whatever inspection service you might choose to hire.

For starters, this spectacular 1966 DeVille Convertible has just 31,700 miles on its odometer. That’s ‘actual’ miles, folks, documented on the title.  If you know cars, you know what that means: It means a car that drives like new, smooth, solid, and rattle-free, with a steering box as tight as when it left the factory. Frame-off restorations are nice, but once a car has been taken apart and put back together, it never rides as good or as tight as a true low mileage, factory assembled car. In addition, this car has always been garaged and protected from sun, salt, and all of nature’s assaults over more than five decades.


                                                                               HISTORY OF THE CAR

Before we continue with a description of the car, here’s a brief history of the car’s life: We can trace its history beginning in 1970, when it was purchased in California by its second owner, a car collector named Dave Bayowski. When Bayowski  bought this Cadillac it was four years old and had 25,000 miles on the odometer. Though it was in very nice shape, Dave had plans to restore it to show quality. 

The car was carefully covered and parked in Dave’s barn, where it sat for the next 28 years! Dave never had the time to deal with the Cadillac and in 1998 sold it to a close friend, a gentleman by the name of Marty Mann, who lived in Liberty Township, Ohio.  

Marty  did what Dave never had the time to do: he began a three (3) year cosmetic restoration of the car. Because it had not run in  28 years, both the engine and transmission were pulled and professionally rebuilt to Cadillac specifications. The car had ZERO  rust or body damage of any kind, so no disassembly was needed, other than to remove all the chrome, rubber gaskets, hood doors and trunk from the car prior to stripping the original paint and applying what was THEN a $12,500 base coat clear coat paint job  (today this would cost $20,000).

Because he wanted the car to be pristine, Marty also replaced major interior components, including upholstery and carpeting with correct Cadillac materials.  The top frame was removed, sand blasted, premiered and painted to perfection. The cloth convertible top well was replaced but the convertible top boot appears to be the original 1966 factory boot and it fits PERFECTLY. Every aspect of this Cadillac was addressed during this period to assure that EVERYTHING worked, including all lights, gauges, all the power options, radio, power antenna, factory Climate Controlled air conditioning, etc. This was a very well equipped car….right down to the power vent windows & power door locks. Oh yes, the lighter works but neither the ashtrays or lighters have been used.

Marty Mann owned the car for ten years, and put a total of  3,763 additional miles on it. In 2008, with the odometer now at 28,763 miles, Marty sold the car to Fred and Nancy Zwicker, an elderly couple in Columbiana, Ohio. In failing health, Fred (and his wife) owned the car until our purchase in early November. Fred kept a diary of work he had done on the Cadillac during his ten year ownership, and we’ve included that paper in this auction.  


                                                                                                               NOW, MORE ABOUT THE CAR:

The first thing that catches your attention about this car is it’s fabulous color combination:  Flemenco Red with a Black Convertible top and Black interior. The second would be the quality of the body and paint. Of course, there’s no rust. There’s no bondo. And the gaps are clean and even. We’ve posted 126 very large photos of every part of this car.  Look down the sides of this car. Even with exceptionally long and flat body panels, the car is laser straight. Check out the massive chrome bumpers. They look almost brand new. No pitting or hazing. Gently close either door and it has the sound of a vault closing.No effort is required…it can be done with one finger.

Even though this automobile is fifty-three years old, you’d never know it by looking  at it, and more importantly you’d never know it by driving it.

The chrome is like jewelry and the pot metal the best I have ever seen on a car this age….nearly perfect.

We just installed the huge battery you see in the engine compartment. It has most cold cranking amps available and fits perfect in the battery tray.

Also, just installed are the 4 correct reproduction floormats with the white Cadillac crest. We suggest removing your shoes…they were $300 plus shipping.

This DeVille starts right up the first time and every time. You can barely hear the massive 429 V8 at idle and when you put her in drive and step on the accelerator, she’s still as quiet and smooth as a sewing machine…..it shifts so smoothly it’s difficult to know when the shift occurs. 

Everything in the car works just as it should, including the power windows, the power VENT windows, the six-way power seat, the AM-FM original Cadillac radio, the power antenna and the factory air conditioning. It’s been converted to the modern 134 A refrigerant and its ice cold! The ONLY thing that isn’t working properly is the clock, and IT’S RIGHT TWICE A DAY 🙂  Whoever is the lucky new owner of this Cadillac, if they will have the clock removed, we will pay to have it rebuilt by a Gentleman who specializes in rebuilding car clocks for almost 40 years.

This is a Cadillac from another era… a bygone time when heft and girth and thickness of the steel are what counted. In the 1960’s, if you had ‘made it’ you parked a Cadillac in your driveway. When you told your neighbors about the new automobile that you’d just purchased, you’d brag about its length and weight, the size of it’s big V8 engine and those great luxury features like power windows, even power vent windows… air conditioning and those expensive and life-saving Michelin tires. But if you were really successful, you got to end your description with “ when you know you have arrived….it’s a Cadillac” 

I remember Cadillac running  television commercials in the 60’s…it showed a gentleman pulling up to a upscale restaurant in a Cadillac Convertible and dressed in a tuxedo. He hops out and comes around to open the door for a beautiful Lady elegantly attired in a formal dress, as she exits the Cadillac, she turns and smiles at the camera and says “And best of all…it’s a Cadillac”