1976 Cadillac Eldorado

  • 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible

Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1976
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Model: Eldorado
  • VIN #:
  • Mileage:
  • Exterior Color:
  • Interior Color:
  • Body Type:
  • Drive Type:
  • Engine:
  • Cylinders:
  • Transmission:
  • Fuel Type:

Vehicle Description

The last of the truly great Cadillac Convertibles
Exterior: Factory color code 67 “Brentwood Brown” (Looks like a beautiful light Copper in the sunlight)
Interior: Buckskin
Convertible Top: Tan
Convertible Top Boot:Buckskin
Serial Number: 6L67S6Q199606
Engine: Original Cadillac 500cid Fuel-injected V-8
Mileage: 1801  (Note-The owner drove the car from his home in South Miami to Butterfly World
Park in Pompano Beach. Therefore this car will have an additional 75-100 miles when back in
his garage.
This car was delivered new by a Cadillac dealer in Pompano Beach on August 6th, 1976
to it’s 1st owner .
The original Florida paper temp tag will accompany the sale along with all the Cadillac manuals..
In a full page ad on February 28th, 1976, in the Wall Street Journal, Cadillac announced they were discontinuing production on the Eldorado Biarritz Convertible. They further announced they were building 200 additional cars to be designated as the Bicentennial Model and they all would be White with white leather and a white top with red, white and blue pin striping.
The 1976 convertibles were considered instant collector’s items, and speculators soon drove prices sky high. Once factory production ended and dealer supply was depleted, prices jumped to two or three times the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
The present owner purchased this car about 9 months ago with 473 miles and paid $32,500 (fully documented) He sent the car when it arrived to his mechanic and at his suggestion, he drained the fuel tank and had it pressure cleaned internally and replaced all of the fuel injectors and fresh hi-test gas. He also went through the brake system and installed a new master cylinder,
rotors and whatever else that was necessary to make the brakes work correctly. When cars sit for long periods without being driven, certain maintenance should be done to stop problems before they happen. This work, along with the shipping charges was an additional $4,000 which bring his investment in this car to $36,500.
       Recently he purchased another 76 Eldorado convertible for his wife in a different color combination.
They don’t have room for two, so this one is up for sale.
This car, as did most Eldorado Convertibles, came with Uniroyal Tires. (see warranty book) About 1400 miles ago, the original tires were replaced with a set of modern Steel belted radials. Although they had 100% of the tread, tires when the age become dry and it’s not safe to drive around on 41/42 year old tires.
We are selling this car for my long time friend and this time everything will be revealed both in our description and in our photos. This will be a PRIVATE Sale as Richard, the owner is not a dealer. 
We are proud of the fact that in the 18 years we have been selling cars thru Ebay we have a 100% feedback rating. We have sold a total of almost $500,000,000 in cars, mostly antique and collectible cars.
What works on this car? I checked the switches and option on this car and the ONLY thing I found not working was the clock & the passenger side make-up mirror.
Power door locks: All work
Power seats, both sides: All work
Power windows: All work
Power top: Works correctly in both directions
Twilight sentinel: Works
Auto-headlamp dimmer: Works
Cruise control: Works
AM/FM Stereo Radio & 8 track tape player:AM & FM work. 
Power antenna: Works in both direction
Air-Conditioning Climate control: AC works correctly and is cold
Fan speeds:Work
Defroster: Works
Heater: Works
Remote trunk release inside glove box: Works correctly
Power pull-down trunk closure: Works correctly
Horn  Works
Wipers: Work
Dash lights: All work
Interior courtesy lights: All work
Cigarette lighter (s) Work
Parking lights: Work
Low Beams: Work
High Beams: work
Back up lights: Work
Brake Lights: Work
Turn signal indicator lights: All work (front & rear)
Tail lights: work
License plate light: Works
Glove box light: Work
Tilt /Telescopic steering wheel: Works correctly
Outside Left & Right remote control mirrors: Work correctly
Here is a list of most of the optional equipment on this car.
I may have overlooked some minor accessories but this covers the important ones.
KF3 AC Electronic Fuel Injection ($647)
N37 Q Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($102)
AU4 AW Automatic Door Locks* ($100)
K30 C Cruise Control ($104)
C49 N Rear Window Defogger (Grid-type—$77)
CO4 K Controlled Cycle Windshield Wipers ($28)
T80 U Guide-Matic Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($54)
T82 J Twilight Sentinel ($47)
D64 G Lighted Vanity Mirror ($44)
A90 T Remote Control Trunk Lock and Electric Pull-Down ($68)
DF3 E Remote Control Right Mirror and Left outside mirror ($30)
UM2 1 AM/FM Stereo Radio with Tape Player and Power Antenna ($93)
AV7 W Dual Comfort 50/50 Divided Front Seat ($185)
AG2 V Passenger’s Six-Way Power Seat Adjuster ($131)
A79 A3 Recliner Seat, Driver’s Side Manual Adjustment* (50/50 Dual Comfort Seat required—$65)
A81 A4 Recliner Seat, Passenger’s Side Power Adjustment* (includes Six-Way Power Adjuster—$221)
A85 AL Front Shoulder Belts (Convertible—$36)
UB8 AG Trumpet Horn ($19)
Y27 F Carpeted One-Piece Front and Rear Floor Mats ($47)
B36 I Trunk Mat ($10)

Condition: Positives we found
1.The body looks very straight and the doors, hood and trunk have a factory fit.
2.The paint looks fabulous….hard to believe it’s 42 years old. I couldn’t find any
over spray or grinding marks so if this car was ever painted, it was a professional beautiful job.
3.The car starts up on the first time…every time and no need to pump the gas pedal…this
car has Fuel Injection.
4.The top goes up and down quickly and when the top is up, all the windows fit nicely
against the top…it’s original, not faded and no tears, rips or loose threads. Has correct rear glass window.
5. In driving the car on the Florida Turnpike today at 75 mph the car performed like a true
low mileage original car should run. No vibrations, rattles or strange noises. The steering is
tight and the brakes are excellent. When applied hard the car stops straight with no pulling to either side.
6. I had the AC on full blast (it’s cold) and also drove the car in heavy traffic with no
overheating issues. The radiators used in these cars is massive.
7.The exhaust system is very quiet….when idling at a red light, it’s hard to hear the engine
8. All of the plastic fillers (front & rear) appear to be new. As you know, Cadillac had a
problem with the plastic in these fillers and they all began to deteriorate after 8-10 years.
These replacements are made from a different type of material and should last a long time
The paint on the fillers is a good match to the rest of the car.
9.The car shifts effortlessly with silky smooth gear shifting…which one would expect with
a 1800 mile car.
10. Charging system: Works correctly with no issues
11. Tires: Excellent (as new)
12. New spare and all original factory jack,etc in the trunk
13. This car drives amazing…you can tell it is a very low mileage because it drives
so tight. The weather is spectacular….come on down and drive it back home.
The convertible boot is original but has shrunk from age. It is VERY hard to put on the car
and will be replaced. Richard has order a new correct top boot and it will be included
with the sale of this car.($225)
There is a small imperfection (smaller than a dime)  located in the top center of the
trunk. The rear bumper shows somevery light pitting which is too small to show up in the photos.